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We monitor and evaluate
policy progress and pitfalls.

Our work engages with and encourages youth to ask relevant questions, backed by fact and not steered by opinion.



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SPRF Research


Policy Room

Methodological and engaging conversations with stalwarts on pressing policy issues. Policy Room discusses and reflects with field experts in stand-alone podcast episodes.

Hear Here!

Hear Here! brings to you enriching policy discussions on a diverse set of SPRF’s publications with their authors, along with interesting policy discussions and really good bad-jokes.

Policy in Practice

Policy in Practice highlights grassroots research initiatives nationwide; exploring the work of committed researchers operating within various communities, spanning cities, towns, and districts.

SPRF Research



Scheme Tracker

A bird’s eye view of the latest progress and implementation of various government schemes.


Freedom Indices Project

A comparative analysis of the freedom rankings of South Asian countries across realms such as press freedom, democracy and others.


Grassroots Women Leaders

Highlighting women’s achievements through a list of leaders doing impactful grassroots work across eight different sectors.


Gender Responsiveness Tracker

Gauging the gender mainstreaming within current development policies in India using a 5-point Gender Responsive Assessment Scale developed by the WHO.

SPRF Bulletin

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