Working at the intersection of
what is, what could be & what should be
the state of our country.

Dialogues for better democracy.

What we do

We monitor and evaluate
policy progress and pitfalls.

Our work engages with and encourages youth to ask relevant questions, backed by fact and not steered by opinion.

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Human Rights



SPRF Bulletin

Our Work in Features


Scheme Tracker

A bird’s eye view of the latest progress and implementation of various government schemes.


Freedom Indices Project

A comparative analysis of the freedom rankings of South Asian countries across realms such as press freedom, democracy and others.

Flagship Conference

Mantrana 2020

Mantrana 2020, in collaboration with CVoter and Polstrat. Held at the India International Centre, New Delhi, the conference brought together several eminent dignitaries to debate and discuss the issues of growth development in the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir