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Climate and Communities

In 2023, India hosted the G20 Summit and inspired dialogue in the subcontinent on various issues ranging from climate change, green development, digital infrastructure, sustainability and much more. From the SPRF archive, we invite you to look closely at how climate change and policymaking in India impact various demographics.

Urban populations and landscapes

“The Growing Problem of Urban Floods”

“The global surge in urban flooding presents an escalating challenge that has captured the attention of city administrators and urban planners worldwide. This phenomenon, characterised by its complexity and urgency, has particularly taken centre stage in India. Over recent years, the country has witnessed a distressing surge in urban flood disasters, with major cities bearing the brunt.”

Urban populations and landscapes

“Delhi’s Ongoing Battle with Peaking Air Pollution: Analysing Government Policies”

Delhi-NCR’s air quality hit the ‘400’ danger mark on the AQI 500 scale, considered hazardous once again in the early part of November 2023. . .The health implications of increased pollution can be felt by all age groups of people with a sudden increase in cases of headaches, anxiety, irritation, confusion and decrement of cognitive abilities while also posing an aggravated risk to those with breathing problems.”

Forest and Tribal Communities

Deforestation & Development: Deliberating the Forest (Conservation) Amendment Bill 2023

“The Lok Sabha has passed the Forest (Conservation) Amendment Bill 2023 despite concerns from different sections of ecologists, conservationists, and tribal groups in the country. The Bill, introduced in the Lok Sabha in March this year, amends the long-standing Forest (Conservation) Act 1980.”

Climate and Migration

Navigating Climate-Induced Migration in Kerala: Challenges, Responses, and Adaptation Strategies

“The potential effects of rising temperatures, erratic precipitation patterns, rising sea levels, and more frequent extreme weather events result in population displacement and internal migration. Kerala’s vulnerability to these climate-related disasters, such as floods and coastal erosion, has disproportionately affected impoverished and vulnerable communities, triggering internal migration within the state.”

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