COVID 19 Resource Aggregators List

India’s second COVID-19 wave towers over the nation with an average of 3,57,040 new cases per week. Mounting demand on the healthcare system is rapidly exhausting resources as only 1.9% of the population is fully vaccinated. Patients are increasingly relying on minute-to-minute crowdsourced updates for access to hospital beds, oxygen cylinders, concentrators, refills, plasma, ventilators, and so forth. Given how many Indians currently depend on crowdsourced material, we have collated a list of helpful websites and spreadsheets that keep tabs on resources and offer real-time updates and verifications on various aids.

Pan-India Resource Links

Covid Win 

Covid Help Resources is a crowdsourced initiative that lists contacts for obtaining oxygen, beds, medicine, plasma, food, ambulance, testing, emergency services, and consultation. The location is determined as per one’s state and district/city. According to the website, the data is regularly validated both by the website as well as viewers through a system of upvoting information that proved useful. Time of verification and availability is displayed for every resource. 


According to its own description, Life is a ‘verified crowd sourced emergency services directory’. It offers leads on oxygen, medicine, hospitals, ambulances, helplines, and vaccines across 35 states. It distinguishes between verified and unverified links.

Covid Resources Netlify App

This website offers crowdsourced data on cities as well as states. The data is exhaustive and regularly updated with the latest resources. After choosing one’s location, the site offers options across ambulance, beds, blood banks, CT scan, covid testing, cremation services, doctors, medicines, meals, oxygen, and plasma. All leads are colour coded based on their availability.


This is a nonprofit organisation that assembles resources such as oxygen, plasma, hospital beds, and more, as per one’s city and requirement. It also shows which leads are verified and available and which require a request and or/validation.

Sprinklr Link

This is an independent aggregator that directs one to the latest medicine, hospital beds, cylinders, plasma, ICU ventilators, and food supplies. Resources are divided among cities, and the link works by directing one to Twitter aggregators posting about updated leads. 

War With Covid Club

The website spans a long list of cities across India. It offers points of contact for all covid related resources in addition to transportation, home set up, meals, mental health counselling, and testing. Seekers can also post their requirements on the website, and suppliers can list an item. The verifiability of all listed contacts is listed. If the viewer cannot find any leads in a given city, the website gives them an option of submitting their contact details so that people from the website can reach out with updated leads once they are available. 

Covid Facts

The website has a simple interface that allows viewers to search required data and suppliers to add themselves to the platform. The location is divided state and district wise, offering leads on resources such as ambulances, covid beds, oxygen, plasma, medicines, and lab tests.

The website is a crowdsourced initiative that started on 27 May 2020. The site displays active Covid-19 statistics, maintains a blog addressing COVID queries, and most importantly, maintains a list of resources from both verified websites and independent aggregators that may be helpful.

Global Volunteers Action Network

This nonprofit organisation aims to contribute towards UN Sustainable Development Goals through volunteerism worldwide. They are regularly collecting and verifying resource leads. The NPO maintains a state-wise covid resource list on plasma, beds, Remdisvir, Tocilizumab, ambulances, ventilators, oxygen, meals, home services, RTPCRs, sanitisation, doctors, hospitals, and helplines. They also maintain a WhatsApp group for resource seekers to join in order to receive regular lead updates on their requests.

COVID Fighters (India)

COVID Fighters (India) is an independent community of citizens who connect those in need of resources to required supplies. They collect and verify resources related to COVID relief, such as oxygen, medicines, hospital beds, food, plasma, etc., from diverse data sources and curate them in a single database that anyone can access. Most of the members of this initiative are college and school students.

Health Services

Health Services is a Google Maps bot that helps the user find COVID and non-COVID resources established by the Delhi Government. The map picks up the user’s location to help find nearby resources.

Fridays For Future

The student-led movement against climate change, Fridays For Future, has curated a pan-India list of COVID-relief helplines, Remdesivir distributors, and plasma donors. They also let people add leads and requests to amplify information. They verify sources and help connect suppliers to patients.

Delhi Resource Links

Delhi Government Corona Beds Dashboard

This is the Delhi Government’s own corona dashboard that shows the availability of total beds across the NCT. It distinguishes between total, vacant, and occupied ICU and non-ICU beds. Clicking on the vacant section reveals a list of hospitals and the status of bed vacancies in them. The Data is reported by Nodal Officers of each Dedicated COVID-19 Hospital and is updated frequently.


Covid Delhi is said to update every 15 minutes with new leads on both plasma and bed availability. For beds, it distinguishes between oxygen/non-oxygen beds, ICU/non-ICU beds, and Ventilator/non-Ventilator ICUs. It also sorts a list of blood banks across NCT and offers directions to one’s nearest plasma suppliers.

Girl Up Abaadh

They are a chapter of the Girl Up Campaign affiliated with the UN Foundation initiative. The Instagram account combines daily lists of oxygen, beds, ambulances, home care facilities, doctors, plasma, meals, and even mental health resources. All links are said to be verified. 

Miranda House Help Desk

The Delhi University women’s college formed a help desk with 300 student volunteers to guide people to their requested resources. They help with RT PCR testing, hospitalisation, beds, oxygen support, doctors, plasma, medicines, ambulance/ taxi services, food, and psychologists. The students also maintain a google spreadsheet that is regularly verified and updated. 

Delhi Fights Corona

Delhi Fights Corona is the Government of Delhi’s official page that provides real-time information about COVID-relief resources like beds and testing facilities. It also helps COVID positive patients procure plasma from government-authorised plasma banks nearby after a request is made on their portal.

Resource Specific Links

Friends2Support (Blood)

Friends2Support is a pan-India organisation that connects volunteering blood donors with those who require blood. Their web portal records the donor’s and donee’s details, helping them gets in touch. The web portal now also supports a similar framework for finding plasma. 

Dhoondh (Plasma)

Dhoondh is a pan-India portal that connects plasma donors with COVID patients in need of plasma. The portal registers one either as a patient or a donor, and the algorithm matches the two based on rules created with expert consultations. Details of the donor are then shared with the patient after a successful match. The portal uses a similar framework for oxygen-related resources.

Hemkunt Foundation (Oxygen)

Hemkunt Foundation is a non-government organisation that aims to provide humanitarian aid to marginalized sections of society. The organisation is currently distributing oxygen cylinders to COVID-19 patients for free. They work on a priority basis wherein the poor are the first to receive the cylinders.

Khalsa Aid (Oxygen)

Khalsa Aid is an international NGO that providing relief work for COVID-19 involves providing Oxygen Concentrators in Delhi. The patients can contact the organisation over WhatsApp to procure a concentrator as per its availability.

WhatsApp Number: 9115609005

COVID-19 Plasma Resource (Plasma)

This is an online portal that contains a list of organisations and initiatives working for the provision of plasma resources such as donors and blood banks across India. The database spans six states.

Plasma Donor (Plasma)

Plasma Donor is an independent initiative that adds potential donors and recipients to their database, helping both connect through their website. The initiative operates across 12 states, providing information related to plasma donation and plasma therapy for COVID.

DISCLAIMER: We request the reader to verify the sources personally before taking action due to the time-sensitive nature of the resources. While our effort has been to include accurate and up to date information, we make no warranties for the shelf-life, verifiability and accuracy of the content and assume no liability or responsibility thereof. Official sources of information are the World Health Organisation, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and State Governments. The medical information on this site is provided as an information resource only. Please proceed of your own volition. If you find the list to include any inaccurate information or any lead engaging in illegal practices, kindly inform the author at [email protected].